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Quick Instruments

Quick Instruments is a groundbreaking technology and an automated solution that provides functional test extension driven by test coverage and troubleshooting requirements. Quick Instruments populate existing on-board FPGAs converting them temporarily into a fullyautomated on-board embedded tester.

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Flash Accelerator

Flash Accelerator, a Testonica Lab developed ChipVORX® IP dramatically accelerates In-System Programming (ISP) tasks of flash memories. Flash Accelerator IP is fully integrated into CASCON system from GOEPEL electronic. Contact ChipVORX team at chipvorx[at]

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News & Events

Testonica signs a technology partnership agreement with GOEPEL electronic

Testonica signs a technology partnership agreement with GOEPEL electronic for extended JTAG/Boundary Scan

In April 2009, Testonica Lab and GOEPEL electronic GmbH signed an agreement that elevates the level of mutual cooperation of both partners towards technological development in the field of JTAG/Boundary Scan. In the frames of the new agreement Testonica Lab was incorporated into the global alliance program GATE™ (GOEPEL Associated Technical Experts) at the highest level as a Centre of Expertise (COE).

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Trainer 1149 1.1 version released!

Trainer 1149 1.1 Version released!

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Here's what's new in Trainer 1149 1.1:

  • Quick Start guide added
  • Welcome screen
  • IEEE 1149.4 basic support
  • Arbitary Boundary Scan instructions support
  • Bug fixes

See also Trainer 1149 1.1 Complete Release Notes.

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e-Ticket sales system delivered!

Testonica Lab developed and delivered new e-Ticket booking system for one of the largest railway operators in Estonia: Edelaraudtee AS

The new system allows passengers from anywhere in the world buy tickets to the trains online paying via Estonian banks or use a 'self-service" ticket machine at larger stations to buy tickets locally.

The system was designed using the latest Java-based enterprise technologies such as Enterprise beans (EJB 3.0), JPA for persistence layer, Servlets/JSP and Spring framework as a WEB layer stuffing.

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