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Quick Instruments

Quick Instruments is a groundbreaking technology and an automated solution that provides functional test extension driven by test coverage and troubleshooting requirements. Quick Instruments populate existing on-board FPGAs converting them temporarily into a fullyautomated on-board embedded tester.

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VarioTAP Models

Testonica Lab develops and delivers VarioTAP® models for MPUs and MCUs for Scandinavian customers. The models allow to control on-board processors via JTAG port in order to perform test routines and ISP (Processor Controlled Test or Emulation-based test). Request more information at variotap[at]

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JTAG without Boundaries

We offer advanced JTAG applications and solutions that reduce production costs related to product quality assurance and maintenance. If you need DFT analysis, test strategy or test development, ultra fast flash programming solutions, ask more about our services at bscan[at]

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Flash Accelerator

Flash Accelerator, a Testonica Lab developed ChipVORX® IP dramatically accelerates In-System Programming (ISP) tasks of flash memories. Flash Accelerator IP is fully integrated into CASCON system from GOEPEL electronic. Contact ChipVORX team at chipvorx[at]

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News & Events

Alliance between GOEPEL electronic and Testonica Lab

Strategic Alliance between GOEPEL electronic and Testonica Lab

Testonica Lab has entered into an extensive strategic alliance with the German company GOEPEL electronic. GOEPEL electronic is a developer and manufacturer of innovative extended JTAG/Boundary Scan test solutions.

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