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e-Ticket sales system delivered!

Testonica Lab developed and delivered new e-Ticket booking system for one of the largest railway operators in Estonia: Edelaraudtee AS

The new system allows passengers from anywhere in the world buy tickets to the trains online paying via Estonian banks or use a 'self-service" ticket machine at larger stations to buy tickets locally.

The system was designed using the latest Java-based enterprise technologies such as Enterprise beans (EJB 3.0), JPA for persistence layer, Servlets/JSP and Spring framework as a WEB layer stuffing.

The new system is available online at

Edelaraudtee AS founded in 1997 is mainly known by its diesel trains, which carry passengers mainly to East-South directions in Estonia including Tallinn-Tartu line. The company offers its customers passenger and rail freight carriage services in the domestic transportation market at the best price and quality ratio.