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Chairing TESTA workshop in Cyprus

Chairing TESTA workshop in Cyprus

Testonica's director Dr. Artur Jutman serves this year as the General Chair of the 2nd International Test Standards Application Workshop (TESTA'2017). The TESTA workshop is a focused, open discussion platform dedicated to exchange of fresh ideas, industrial best practices, methodologies and work‐in‐progress around test related standards, especially those being actively developed today or the ones recently released. TESTA'2017 is a second in a row annual fringe event co-located with IEEE European Test Symposium that takes place in Limassol, Cyprus on 22-26 May 2017.

TESTA's scope includes such standards as IEEE 1149.1, IEEE 1149.4, IEEE 1149.6, IEEE 1149.7, IEEE 1149.8.1, IEEE 1149.10, IEEE 1500, IEEE 1687, IEEE P1838, IEEE 1450, etc. whereas speakers discuss what works, what does not, or how the standards were incorporated into existing or new DFT methodologies and give perspective on first‐time usage of new and upcoming standards as well as research exploring the best usage of features described in these standards. The program of this year's edition is available for download here.

The first TESTA workshop took place in 2016 in Amsterdam and the following one is planned to be held in Bremen in May 2018.